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Areas of Practice

We specialize in the following areas:


Contingency Fee Contract

The firm offers clients the option of hiring us on a contingent fee basis. In the event that option is chosen, the attorneys receive no compensation unless they secure a recovery for the client, and the fee is proportionate to the recovery. The firm also offers clients the option of engaging on an hourly or a daily fee basis. In appropriate cases we have also devised a hybrid option of lower hourly fees, with a contingent component in the event of a successful outcome as defined by the agreement. Under ethics rules applicable to all Michigan attorneys, contingent fee clients may be responsible for certain out-of-pocket expenses: that issue should be discussed thoroughly with any attorney retained by the client.

Free Initial Consultation

Of course, we'll be happy to discuss your case at no charge. Telephone our office to make an appointment for a free consultation or to receive further information. 1-231-929-9700.