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Aunt-in-law gets you fired? You can sue her.

Renee Rudover discovered the only thing worse than a meddling mother-in-law is a meddling aunt-in-law.  Her aunt by marriage was a patient at the Neurosurgery Group, P.C., where Renee worked, and went to her doctor with complaints about Renee.  The doctor, a paragon of intestinal fortitude, apparently, asked the aunt to write down her complaints and then used the list to fire Renee for HIPAA violations, excessive cell phone use, misuse of lunch breaks (would that be eating breakfast instead of lunch, or what?   Leaving the premises?  Eating twinkies?) and "manipulating staff" to maintain her hours.  The Appellate Court reinstated Renee's claim against her husband's aunt for interfering with a business relationship, pointing out that the trial court had inappropriately resolved the credibility issue regarding the woman's complaints against Renee.

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