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Court upholds verdict for plaintiff in age discrimination claim.

Tigran Movsisyan sued Ipax Cleanogel, Inc., after his job was terminated.  the 50-year old won a verdict of age discrimination, based on direct evidence of discrimination, however, the judge reduced the award from $400,000.00 to $197,000.00.  Both parties appealed.

The higher court pointed out that Movsisyan's evidence included statements by the owners that could reasonably be interpreted as more than "stray comments" and as displaying discirminatory bias.  The appelate judges deemed the evidence in support of the jury's decision more than adequate to support its verdict.  They also agreed with the trial judge, however, that the award should be reduced because he hadn't submitted adequate evidence about his assumptions regarding lack of future employment.

The judges also upheld the award of $13,000.00 in "non-economic" damages awarded to the plaintiff to compensate him for any anguish or embarassment caused by his discriminatory firing.

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