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Crackerbarrel manager of Flint store loses "reverse discrimination" lawsuit

Mary Martinez was terminated as the retail manager of the Flint Crackerbarrel, after the corporation received complaints from employees about racially-sensitive comments she had made.  Apparently, Crackerbarrel doesn't pay its employees enough money to make them ineligible for use of a Michigan "Bridge Card" and Martinez was prone to sarcasm in dealing with employees who utilized the card; perhaps even delaying the delivery of their paycheck(s).

Martinez argued that she was a victim of reverse discrimination.  Her proof included quoting the testimony of a corporate investigator who agreed that "race was involved" in the decision to terminate her, and the fact that the Assistant Manager, who was black, was not fired (and thus not treated similarly).  The Court pointed out that the investigator's race comment referred to the racial insensitivity of Martinez's remarks that had instigated the investigation--not Martinez's race.  With regard to the Assistant Manager who was not fired, the Court noted that her behavior was less offensive than Martinez's behavior, and that in any event, the Corporation could legitimately hold the store manager to a higher standard of behavior.

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