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Deputy's discrimination and due process claim against Washtenaw County is dismissed.

Eric Kuhn was apparently wrongly accused of rape by a motorist whom he stopped for a traffic violation.  Over the next several months, a Lieutenant in the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department violated the Department's policies and his superior's orders in the management of the public citizen complaint, allegedly causing Kuhn to suffer exacerbated stress over the false accusation.  Eventually, the Department informed Kuhn that his extensive leave would not be extended and that he must return to work on a firm date.  When Kuhn did not appear for work, he was dismissed from employment.

Kuhn filed suit arguing that he did not receive due process (that he was entitled to a hearing before he was terminated) and that he was a victim of discrimination.  The trial court upheld the dismisal and the Appeals Court affirmed.  It ruled that he hadn't provided adequate proof of wrongdoing by the employer.

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