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Discrimination claim by 27-year employee breast cancer survivor is dismissed

Jjoan Grifforr sued DTE Energy after she was disciplined twice and denied raises.  She had worked for DTE as a security guard for 25 years and was undergoing cancer treatment when a new supervisor took over her unit.  His 2006 evaluation made mention of her extensive absences.  Later, he disciplined her for her management of an incident involving an employee having a gun in a parked car in the employee lot.  She disputed the facts of the discipline, but it was upheld by management. 

Two years later, she was disciplined again for failing to immediately report a motor vehicle incident involving minor damage to the parking lot fence.  She objected again and this time, her objection was upheld, primarily because other, younger guards were not subjected to similar discipline in similar situations.  Ultimately, Griffor filed suit arguing that the Supervisor, one Todd Dusky, was retaliating against her because of either age discrimination or perceived disability discrimination.

The Court held that she didn't provide enough proof of discriminatory motive to survive summary disposition and go to a jury.  Although she had an "unblemished work record" prior to these incidents, the Court held that her proofs did not demonstrate that she was subjected to a hostile work environment as a result of discrimination or retaliation.

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