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Divided court reverses trial judge and dismisses police officer's Whistleblower Protection Act claim

Judges Saad and Murray, two of the most insurance-friendly judges on Michigan's Court of Appeals, overturned the trial judge's ruling and granted the City of Dearborn summary disposition in a police officer's Whistleblower Protection Act case.  The case, Krawczyk v. City of Dearborn,  involved a police sergeant who allegedly threatened to report to his sister his brother-in-law's infidelity.  The claims of the brother-in-law, a Lieutenant in the Department, ultimately resulted in a State Police investigation and eventually, interference with the Sergeant's employment.  The sergeant also argued that he was retaliated against, in violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act, for reporting allegedly wrongful acts by the Lieutenant.  Judges Saad and Murray rejected the trial judge's analysis and granted the City summary disposition.  Judge Hoekstra, another Republican on the bench, disagreed with the majority opinion.

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