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Ford Motor "contract" worker is denied compensation for "comp time."

Mark Olance worked as a "contract" employee for Ford Motor through MSX International from 1999 through 2011.  He testified that from February 2001 on, he "banked" his overtime hours, at Ford supervisors' request, because the automaker would not pay overtime.  Atlhough he kept a continuing record of comp time, apparently neither MSX nor Ford kept any record.  Some of Olance's comp time was taken in "short" weeks but when he was terminated by MSX at Ford's request (Ford alleged he stole engines and parts from a storage facility), he was still owed 1800 overtime hours. He sued his employer, MSX, collect compensation for those hours.

The Court granted MSX summary disposition and it was upheld in the Court of Appeals.  The Court held that even if Ford approved the "banking" of comp time, there was no proof that MSX was aware of this arrangement or approved of it.

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