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Henry Saad and Court of Appeals overturn MCAC and Circuit Court and reverse grant of unemployment benefits to laid-off employee

Court of Appeals Judge Henry Saad maintained his near-perfect record of ruling against employees and injury victims last month when he voted to deny unemployment benefits in Department of Talent v. Tear.  Tear had applied for unemployment benefits which her employer fought.  The MCAC Administrative Judge ruled in her favor and the Circuit Court upheld this outcome.  The Court of Appeals judges reversed, finding that Tear's highest earning quarter, by their calculation, was $261.00 below the $2883.00 minimum, according to their calculations, and therefore there was no "substantial, competent evidence" to support the Administrative Law judge's conclusion that she qualified for unemployment benefits.

So, the employer apparently paid thousands in legal fees to avoid paying the woman a couple thousand dollars in unemployment benefits.  Pretty harsh.

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