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IIBM buys out returning Afghanistan veteran's employment rights for $6,000.00

George Wysocki was not properly re-intergrated into his employment with IBM when he returned from military service in Afghanistan.  He claimed that he needed re-training as his data management skills had diminished while overseas, but his supervisors would not allow it.  He was terminated and signed a termination agreement that paid him $6,000.00.  Later, he learned that IBM's response to his situation arguably violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act and attempted to file suit. The Court held that Wysocki's Release agreement signature was binding because IBM had included in it a clause releasing "all claims, demands, actions, or liabilities [he] might have...of whatever kind [including]...federal, state or local law [including] discrimination based on ...veteran status."  IBM had bought its way out of its obligations to the returning veteran on the cheap.  We guess congratulations are in order.  Not much patriotism or decency, but good legal work.
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