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Manager can be fired for failing to report intimate relationship with employee he supervised

This month, the Appellate Court upheld Home Depot's discharge of Chris Goodrich, a managerial employee, for failing to report that he had violated the employer's rule regarding reporting potential romantic relationships.  His situation is one textbook example of why the policy is not an infringement on employees' privacy.

After Goodrich became romantically interested in a married employee under his supervision and went to her home to explore that interest, her husband showed up at the store to confront him.  At that point store managers became aware of the "potential" relationship, and confronted Goodrich, who indicated an intent to seek a PPO to deter the husband from contact.  Goodrich acknowledged the "potential" relationship and the employer terminated his employment the following week.  The Court held that Home Depot's actions did not violate the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act, because Goodrich's actions involved or implicated his employment duties as a supervisory employee.

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