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MDOT can fire an employee for whistle-blowing: it enjoys "sovereign immunity"

Steven Cox allegedly reported his MDOT supervisors for requiring him to perform electrical repairs without proper safety equipment.  They fired him.  He sued.  The trial court refused to dismiss his wrongful discharge lawsuit.  The Court of Appeals reversed the trial court and threw out his case.  In an unpublished, per curiam decision, Judge Schuette and the remainder of the panel held that MDOT was immune from claims of wrongful conduct. 

A political appointee of the Republican Party with little or no legal experience, Schuette and his cohorts held that "governmental immunity is the public policy [of our State] and "therefore should not be liable...because immunity necessarily implies that a 'wrong' has occurred, it is inevitable that some tort claims against a governmental agency will go unremedied."  That some individuals will suffer at society's hands, without fair compensation, is a conclusion that does not trouble Republican policy-makers.  It does trouble us.

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