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MS patient cannot sue bank for discharge resulting from technology update

Shirley Vinson worked for ABN Amro Mortgage Group or its predecessor, calling delinquent accounts as a "loss mitigation solicitor," from 1983 until 2006.  Vinson was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and hasn't been able to drive since 1999.  She continued to work from her home.  In 2006, the Defendant introduced a computerized dialing system which could only be operated from its office, and terminated Ms. Vinson. 

The Court of Appeals--with Henry Saad on the panel, unsurprisingly--concluded that the dismissal did not violate Michigan's Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act (PWDCRA) because Ms. Vinson's disability now interfered with her ability to perform her job.  Furthermore, according to the court, allowing Vinson a degree of "job restructuring" or "altering her schedule" is an accommodation required only with regard to "minor or infrequent duties." Since Vinson couldn't work in the office fulltime, the Judges held ABN Amro was free to terminate her.  So much for 23  years of loyal work and a public policy that favors accommodating disabilities.
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