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Pregnancy discrimination claim is dismissed

Stacey Riley worked for the so-called Ennis Center for Children, a non-profit adoption service provider run by Robert Ennis.  She had the great misfortune of becoming pregnant at the same time as the other young woman who worked in the development office.  Despite the fact that the wife of the CEO prayed out loud that the two women would not become pregnant at the same time again, and despite the fact that the wife conducted the negative "assessment" that resulted in Riley's termination, the trial judge ruled that the wife of the CEO of the Center played no role in Riley's  termination--because she was a mere volunteer.

The Court of Appeals, including Kirsten Frank Kelly, a staunch supporter of all things corporate and insurance, rejected the latter nonsensical holding.  Nevertheless, it went on to hold that Riley did not create a fact question with regard to her discrimination claim, and that the wife's statement was merely a "stray" remark.  The Court held that Riley had not proved a discrimination claim and that her firing could be justified by her tardiness in writing a "thank you" note to a significant donor. The court held that since Riley did not improve the development department, which Defendant claimed was in "disarray," (but admitted was not entirely Riley's fault)  her firing was justified as a matter of law.

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