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Race discrimination case fails where evidence of disparate treatment involves dissimilar issues

The Motor City Casino fired Antwan Davis after it learned that he had surveilled an employee who counted money from slot machines, without disclosing to the employer that he had fathered a child with the other employee in a long-term relationship.  The Casino maintains a no fraternization policy for surveillance employees and discharged Davis after learning of the long-term relationship from a third-party and learning that the slot-counting employee had provided Davis with a car. 

Davis claimed racial discrimination and suggested that white female employees who had committed infractions were not similarly treated. When the court examined the circumstances involving the other employees, however, it deemed the factual circumstances highly dissimilar.  In the case of two employees, the women involved had self-disclosed prior intimate relationships with floor employees and avoided supervising their activities.  In two other cases, the employee violations which did not result in dismissal involved a single incident of puncbing another employee's time card. 
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