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Simply doing your job and enforcing zoning rules is not "protected activity," or, local politics is dangerous business.

Kathy Podzikowski was the Zoning Administrator and Enforcement Officer for Albert Township in Montmorency County. She struggled with Bertha Abbott, who violated the Township Zoning Ordinance and noise rules by keeping 26 barking sled dogs on her property without a kennel license.  Unfortunately for Podzikowski, she won the battle with Abbott and lost the war.  After a small fine against her was upheld, Abbott was appointed to fill a position on the Township Board and ultimately became Podzikowski's supervisor.  Their relationship didn't improve and Podzikowski was ultimately terminated for contacting the Township Attorney without approval of the full board.  The Court held that she was not entitled to Whistleblower Protection Act protection, because her behavior in enforcing the zoning act against Abbott was not the type of "protected behavior" that the WPA was intended to encourage.

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