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Teacher allegedly fired for refusing to lie at disciplinary hearing cannot sue

Kyria Gore was fired by the Detroit Public Schools.  She alleged that the firing was prompted by her refusal to "bolster" or enhance her testimony at a student's disciplinary hearing.  The Court of Appeals acknowledged that a person who is  requested to participate in an investigation, hearing or inquiry held by a public body is a Type 2 whistleblower entitled to protection, however, it held that refusing to lie at such a hearing is not protected activity.  Thus, if Gore had refused to attend the hearing and been fired, she'd be protected--but under the court's logic, by attending and refusing to lie, her behavior was not protected by the statute.

Gore had received an "outstanding educator" award for the same school year and the administrators who fired her were criticized by the School System's assistant director of labor relations for failing  to follow corrective discipline guidelines in the discharge of Gore.  Nevertheless, the court held that she had not created a genuine issue of fact with regard to the cause of her termination. 

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