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Wal Mart settles additional class action lawsuits brought by mis-treated employees

Wal-Mart has a tortured history of abusing rules governing employee rights and regulations and working conditions.  In the latest chapter in this sordid history, the company announced on Christmas Eve, 2008, that it was paying as much as 640 million dollars to settle additional claims relating to worker wage abuse.  The 63 class actions settled by Wal Mart alleged that thousands of employees were illegally required to work "off the clock" or through breaks.  A similar claim in California, which resulted in a 2005 verdict against Wal Mart in the amount of 172 million dollars, is still being appealed by Wal Mart.

A Wal Mart spokesman claimed that the "allegations are not representative of the company we are today".  I guess that should make us all feel better?

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