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WalMart fires employee with brain cancer for legally using medical marijuana

The Associated Press reported on June 29 that Joseph Casias was fired in 2009 after he tested positive for marijuana, even though he was legally using the drug for pain relief in his battle with an inoperable brain tumor.  Casias was registered with the State of Michigan to use marijuana to treat symptoms caused by the tumor.  He had worked for WalMart for five years in the Battle Creek store.  His ACLU attorney pointed out that no person should be forced to choose between adequate pain relief from an objective condition and gainful employment. 

Casias' test results did not indicate intoxication, but merely that he had consumed the drug in the previous several weeks.  Medical marijuana use is illegal in Michigan and 13 other states.  Courts in Oregon, Montana and California have previously ruled that state laws do not prevent an employer from firing a legal marijuana user.

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