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5 months in wheelchair, 5 more with walker, followed by need of cane to walk doesn't prove "serious" injury

Judges Christopher Murray, Jane Markey and Stephen Borrello wrapped up a good month for the insurance industry by ruling against Linda Berishaj on her "serious impairment" claim.  The judges found a basis to throw out each of the injury cases on their docket, completing a "clean sweep" on Friday by dismissing four cases.  In Berishaj v. Shkreli and Auto Club, the judges ruled that a woman injured in a car accident couldn't sue the at-fault driver, even though her injury was objectively manifested and signficantly impaired her ability to walk.  The evidence showed that Berishaj was confined to a wheelchair for five months, used a walker for five more, and then began using a cane to ambulate:  the judges concluded this was not adequate proof to demonstrate that she had suffered a "serious impairment of bodily function." 
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