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A "Gator" utility tractor used to transport tourists is a "motor vehicle" for immunity purposes

The City of Sterling Heights utilized a "Gator" utility tractor and trailer to haul tourists through town during a festival.  Helin Yousif's son, Richard, was badly hurt when he fell off the tractor-trailer.  His mother sued the City, which claimed immunity.  Yousif's attorneys argued that the City was responsible for Richard's injuries under the "motor vehicle" exception to governmental immunity.  The trial court agreed and its decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals.  While certain four-wheeled vehicles, such as a golf cart, are not "motor vehicles" for purposes of the immunity statute, this vehicle is more in the nature of a "car, truck or bus" and was being used for a similar purpose.  Therefore, the City's immunity from suit was waived by statute.

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