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Alleged "terrorist supporter" cannot sue prosecutor for withholding evidence

The Sixth Circuit recently threw out a civil action by Karim Koubriti, who was unsuccessfully prosecuted for providing support to terrorists.  Koubriti brought his action, alleging violation of his civil rights, against Richard Convertino, the assistant prosecutor whose reputation was badly tarnished by the manner in which he handled this and other "terrorism" cases.  Convertino argued that he was entitled to complete immunity for the decisions he made and for failing to disclose exculpatory evidence to the criminal defendant.  The Sixth Circuit noted that several previous cases had held that no civil action will lie against a prosecutor for non-disclosure of exculpatory evidence and upheld the dismissal of Koubriti's case.  Frankly, it wasn't a very appealing fact scenario, as described in the Sixth Circuit opinion, since the undisclosed evidence was simply that government authorities couldn't agree on what building the sketches in a co-conspirator's records were intended to target.
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