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Allstate forced to pay injured motorist's PIP benefits after judgment by Court

Vicki Szelesi and a number of her health care providers sued Allstate Insurance Company in Circuit Court, arguing that Szelesi's PIP benefits were overdue.  They prevailed in a bench trial where the judge found the treaters to be more credible than Allstate's IME doctors. Nevertheless, Allstate attempted to void the judgment and refused to pay, arguing that a deal it made with some of the providers in a separate District Court action should have negated the outcome of the bench trial in Szelesi's case.  The trial judge rejected this argument and the Court of Appeals confirmed.  It noted that the agreement alleged by Allstate did not apply to the Szelesi judgment, which cited only District Court actions and didn't mention Szelesi or her medical claims.  By the plain language of the contract, the Szelesi judgment was not subject to its terms.

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