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Assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims are summarily dismissed.

Four women joined in a lawsuit against Ronald and Alice Mallison, arguing that they  were sexually abused by Ronald and that Alice should have done something to intervene. The women acknowledged that the events occurred several years earlier but argued that they had repressed the related memories and only recently dredged up by the Defendant's recent admissions.

The court held that even if the Defendant had recently admitted his wrongful actions and they were corroborated by four separate young women, the case must be summarily dismissed because the statute of limitations has run.  The Courts reviewing the case pointed to a relatively recent Michigan Supreme Court holding that rejected any extension of the statute of limitations where childhood victims of sexual abuse alleged repressed memory or recent discovery. 

The Republican Majority of Michigan's Supreme Court has been consistent in rejecting any arguments, and in reversing any precedents, suggesting that the statute of limitations will be extended by a victim's lack of knowledge or delayed discovery of a claim.

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