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Attorney malpractice claim is summarily dismissed

Leroy Caudill sued the Sheldon Miler Law Firm and others, arguing that their professional negligence caused him to lose a lawsuit arising out of the distribution of proceeds from a real estate closing.  Among other claims, Caudill argued that the attorneys negligently failed to default one party for filing an answer five days late, failed to sue a party whom he wanted to join for alleged fraud, failed to require the closing officer to appear at the trial, failed to inform him of thhe predecessor attorney's malpractice, improperly withdrew form the case on thhe  eve of trial, and committed other actions which misrepresented the plaintiff and his interests. He also argued that the judge was biased against him and should have been disqualified.  The appellate court ruled that the trial judge had properly granted summary disposition when Caudill failed to produce adequate evidence to support these various claims.

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