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Babysitter has no insurance coverage when operating a car while "employed."

Kurt Meyer was hurt when Heather Hunt caused a car accident while transporting the children she was babysitting.  Hunt was paid $600.00 per month to watch Jennifer Pierce's three children; she had dropped Pierce off at work in Pierce's car and was taken a "found" kitten to drop off at her own home.  Meyer and Hunt believed that Hunt's Farm Bureau auto insurance policy should provide coverage for the injuries she caused, but Farm Bureau argued that it had excluded coverage for any liability incurred while an insured was operating an employer's vehicle.

The Court of Appeals affirmed the summary disposition of Meyer's claim, holding that Farm Bureau had stated a valid exclusion from coverage.  Even if Hunt was merely an undocumented "babysitter" and even if her errand to deliver the kitten was not employment related, since she was operating her "employer's" vehicle, her own auto insurance did not apply to protect her.

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