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Car buff cat-fight won't be dismissed on technicality

Thomas Hunt paid extra to drive his classic car around the oval at Michigan International Speedway.  Unfortunately, the day before, Hunt's wife had apparently disrespected one Sergeant Greg Hunt of Cambridge Township's Police force in front of the Sergeant's wife. (The record doesn't reflect whether the women are in-laws, but the surnames create an ugly inference.)   In any event, Sergeant Hunt pulled car-buff Hunt's classic car off the track and arrested and handcuffed car-buff Hunt, alleging excessive speed, reckless driving and failure to obey directions. 

After he was acquitted at a criminal trial, car-buff Hunt sued Sergeant Hunt for false arrest and false imprisonment.  Sergeant Hunt claimed governmental immunity and asked the court to dismiss the claim.  Most likely with a heavy heart, the Court held that Hunt's case can go forward, as his pleadings avoid governmental immunity:  if car-buff Hunt's witnesses are believed by the jury, as they apparently were in the criminal case, Sergeant Hunt committed an intentional wrong without legal authority.

P.S., Sergeant Hunt's handcuffs scratched the paint on car-buff Hunt's classic car. 

I guess this is one reason why we have courts.  Otherwise, these guys might have settled their differences with Sergeant Hunt's gun.

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