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Carpal tunnel injury to both wrists, combined with neck injury, may constitute "serious impairment."

Pamela Krzysik sued the at-fault , Susan Cary, after a January, 2008, car accident that caused Krzysik persistent headaches and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.  Krzysik wore a cervical collar for a number of months and suffered chronic pain in both wrists, as well as headaches that interfered with her sleep.  She was unable to resume her job search for most of 2008.  She was also unable to complete domestic cleaning tasks, even after undergoing surgery on both wrists. 

The Court of Appeals rejected Cary's insurer's claim that photorgraphs taken under surveillance demonstrated that Krzysik had resumed her normal life activities.  It held that under the McCormick standard, the question of serious impairment of a bodily function was one for the jury.

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