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Case arising out of loose steering wheel dismissed because man signed a Release

Jose Gonzalez opted to try the Rusty Wallace Formula One Racing Experience while visiting Michigan from Spain.  He raced a few laps before his steering wheel came loose, causing his loaned race car to strike a wall.  He filed suit for his hat injuries, arguing that the employee who placed him in the car had failed to properly install the vehicle's steering wheel. 

The trial judge refused to grant the defendant summary disposition and it appealed.  The more political Court of Appeals judges granted the company summary disposition.  They pointed to the fact that the tourist had signed a Release acknowledging the dangers of Formula One racing practice, and that he admitted that he had been firmly strapped into the car by an attendant who had given him 30 minutes of instruction.  On that basis, he could not prove gross negligence and his release protected the defendant from any claim of ordinary negligence.

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