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Chinese dairy industry has poisoned 53,000 kids

In case you were fooled by the professionalism and polish of the Olympic ceremonies in Beijing, weigh that performance against the simultaneous performance of Chinese health regulatory officials.  For more than a year, the Chinese dairy industry has been poisoning children by falsing inflating the protein content of milk products with Melamine, a toxic chemical.  Three kids have died.  More than a thousand have apparently suffered crippling injuries to their kidneys or liver.  Even the Chinese Premier's favorite candy is poisoned.  Only in May of this year, the government justified its exemption of the dairy industry from mandatory safety inspections  by declaring producers among the safest manufacturers in China.  Knowing what we know now, that is a scary thourght.  When you consider that few Chinese imports to the U.S. are actually inspected by our government, the thought becomes even more frightening.

Facts are now emerging to show that the Chinese government and the companies involved allowed the contamination to continue, without a recall, well after they became alerted to the problem.  The company most implicated continued to sell contaminated products for months without notifying the public, but it did make widely-publicized donations to earthquake survivors.  As the government learned of the magnitude of the problem, it apparently suppressed the information so that it would not surface while the Olympics were pending.

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