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College has immunity for unsafe floor socket and plugs

By statute, governmental immunity does not apply to hold governmental entities harmless from the negligent operation of a motor vehicle or for defects in a public building.  In practice, the Engler Majority eliminated much of this governmental responsiblity for safe vehicle operation and building defects by "reinterpreting" the statutory language.  In Collins v. Oakland County Community College, a public entity was once again immunized from a dangerous condition, when the Court of Appeals held that the school wasn't responsible for serious injuries suffered by a dental student.  Acknowledging that a floor socket and the electrical plugs emanating from it may well be unsafe, as claimed by the injured student's architectural expert, the Court nevertheless concluded that the socket was an example of unsafe "design" rather than maintenance [even though it wasn't in the original design of the building], and therefore the College was immune from injuries it caused.

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