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Consumer Product Safety Commission considering addressing recall failure issue

The CPSC announced on January 21 that it is considering various incentives to improve the consumer response to recalls--in this case of baby cribs.  We have noted previously in this site the problem with recall response:  something like 80 percent of consumers either never get the word or don't take the time to respond to notice of unsafe products.  Since 2007, more than seven million cribs have been recalled--usually because plastic hardware can break or deform and allow infant entrapment.  Numerous deaths prompted the recalls, yet consumer response has been (as typical)  grossly underwhelming.  The CPSC is considering several steps to create incentives for consumers to return to stores to pick up free repair kits and advice.  One of the steps under consideration is to pay consumers a modest incentive, while another recommended step is to improve market penetration of the fact of the recall and its basis.
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