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Court is not required to award full costs as sanctions and need not explain decision on the record

The Mayfair Insurance Agency, Inc. sued Doug Charon and Matthew T. Szura Company for breach of an employment contract and tortious interference with an employment agreement.  At case evaluation, a suggested award of $50,000.00 was recommend against each defendant, and all parties rejected.  The case went to binding arbitration, where Mayfair was awarded more thatn $200,000.00 against Charon only.   Szura then sought sanctions, which were denied.  Mayfair then moved for sanctions against Szura and was awarded $1,000.00.  Mayfair argued that it was an abuse of discretion for the Court to award only nominal sanctions and not actual costs and fees.  The higher court disagreed, concluding that under this particular court rule, the trial judge enjoyed the discretion to award what he considered appropriate under the circumstances.

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