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Court rejects argument that DNR erred in naming Russian Boar an invasive species

The owner of the Bear Mountain Ranch and other commercial hunting enterprises sued the Department of Natural Resources, arguing that it erred by classifying the Russian Boar as an invasive species subject to "dispossession."  They sought an injunction to prevent the DNR from seizing the animals they had imported for private hunting release.  The Marquette trial judge found the classification rational, but still granted the injunction because he deemed the Plaintiffs' pigs to be a domestic hybrid.  Both sides appealed.

The Court of Appeals affirmed the decision regarding the constitutionality of the DNR's classification but rejected the judge's refusal to enforce it.  The Court noted that the classification used to describe what the Plaintiffs admitted were imported Russian Boars was not unduly vague and was therefore enforceable, given the animals' well-documented destructive tendencies.

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