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Court rejects class action status for racial discrimination claim against Countrywide

In re Countrywide Fin. Corp Mtg. Lending Practices Litig. was filed to challenge the Countrywide banking company's alleged racial discrimination in lending practices.  Most likely, the case is not viable if brought solely on behalf of any one particular victim.  The underlying foundation for creating class action relief in the courts was to create a system that allows a group of smaller claim victims to combine to seek relief.  It seeks to secure justice by relying on the economy of numbers.

Unfortunately, that "system" has taken repeated hits since the Chamber of Commerce used its lobbying money to  persuade Republican policy makers that our courts are merely a hindrance on commerce.  The system took a huge hit when it was decided that Wal Mart employees could not band together to contest employment rights.  It took another hit this week when the Sixth Circuit relied on the Wal Mart Dukes case to rule that critic/victims of Countrywide's loan practices could not combine to sue the company as a class.

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