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Court reverses summary disposition granted to Titan Insurance on PIP issue

The DMC sued Titan Insurance Company to recover almost $300,000.00 in medical care provided to a motorcyclist operating without any insurance on his bike.  If the bike didn't have insurance, the biker-owner was precluded from collecting no fault PIP benefits (medical and limited wages and services) from the insurer of the involved motor vehicle.

Titan submitted proof that the bike was uninsured, but the proof about registered ownership was disputed and Titan did nothing to address the DMC's contradictory evidence.  As a result, although the Court upheld the lower court's decision to set aside the default originally entered against Titan, it overturned the trial judge's summary disposition on the question of ownership.  The case was another example of an apparent sale having occurred without proper transfer of title at the Secretary of State's office.

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