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Court rules doctor was unfairly denied malpractice insurance

Doctor Manisha Gupta was hired by Anchor Senior Medical Services to provide direct patient care.  Under her contract, Anchor, doing business as Grand River Medical Center, agreed to provide Gupta with $100,000.00 of malpractice coverage.  Gupta left the practice after 15 months, but later was served with a malpractice complaint arising out of the death of Glenna Wojnicki.  Her employer refused to provide liability coverage for Gupta, arguing that the employment contract it imposed on her was "ambiguous" and should be interpreted to require that when she left Anchor's employment, it became her obligation to purchase a "tail" to cover claims related to her period of employment. 

The Court of Appeals rejected this claim and enforced the plain terms and meaning of the parties' contract.  It was Anchor's obligation to provide $100,000.00 of coverage for Gupta relating to claims arising during her term of employment.

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