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Court sets aside jury verdict in sex harassment claim

Laneeka Barksdale sued Bert's Marketplace and the owner's son, Jai-lee Dearing, alleging that she was sexually harassed by the son while working for the owner.  Barksdale alleged that the son touched her inappropriately, commented on her legs inappropriately, and "propositioned her as though she were a prostitute."  At trial, however, the judge arbitrarily placed short and strict limits on Barksdale's attorney's examination of witnesses.  Her claim was "no caused" by the jury.The Court noted that the limits imposed by the trial court were not only unreasonable and arbitrary, they were also unjustified, in that the attorney had conducted her share of the trial expeditiously to that point.   Therefore the trial court's time limitations had denied Barksdale her "day in court" and the jury verdict against her was set aside.

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