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Court summarily dismisses claim alleging fall in icy parking lot

Christine Mukrdecian fell in a parking lot that she was visiting for business purposes.  The Court's opinion does not explain how she came to be where she was or to define why the possessor owed her the duty it would owe a business invitee.  In any event, she alleged that she fell because of an icy area that the Defendant's had not addressed in the three days since the last precipitation fell.  The Court held that since she presented no proof of how the ice came to be present, it was mere speculation that it was the result of prior precipitation and therefore she had not established that the possessor of the land had "constructive notice" of the presence of the ice. Maybe  a herd of wild animals chose this location to seek relief.  Maybe someone thought this was a good time and place to drain their radiator.   Maybe the woman transported gallons of her own liquid and created an "ice trap?"  We'll never know and those dumb plaintiffs just assumed that ice in the parking lot was probably from precipitation...

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