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Court watchers warn about Roberts Court's likely activism in Wal-Mart class action case

Wal Mart is the largest private employer in the U.S., with more than a million employees.  There is currently pending in California a class action suit against the company on behalf of its women employees who allege systematic gender discrimination.  The U.S. Supreme Court--which recently threw out Lilly Ledbetter's gender discrimination claim because she sued too late (after belatedly learning that she was paid substantially less than her male peers)--under the leadership of Bush-appointee Justice Roberts, has recently granted leave to WalMart to consider whether the women may continue their claims in the form of a class action.   The court majority has instructed the parties to brief issues that weren't raised by either party, apparently with an eye toward engrafting new limitations on class actions.  Anyone who thinks one job of the Court is to look out for "the little guy" ---or in this case, the "little gal," I guess----should anticipate the Court's action with dread.  The fairest, the most economical, and probably the ONLY way individual Wal Mart employees can secure fair treatment from this massive employer is through concerted action:  and, the "pro-business" activist Roberts Majority is likely to curtail these womens' rights.

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