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CPSC considering regulation for two-seat ATVs? claimed on November 5 that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating 2-seat ATVs such as the Yamaha Motor Company's Rhino.  Allegedly 30 deaths have been associated with the vehicle in its five years of production. 

ATVs in general have a very unsafe history, due to a combination of high speeds, lack of occupant protection, and the perception that they can be operated on difficult terrain without proper training and experience.  They are particularly hazardous to children, in part because in the event of over-turning, some children cannot extricate themselves from beneath the heavy vehicle.

2-seat ATVs are not currently subject to any standards, apparently, because they come equipped with a roll-bar.  In the past few years, we have received an ureasonable number of inquiries about serious injuries to children, or deaths of children, resulting from the unsupervised use of an ATV.

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