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CPSC recalls lead-painted teeth on Halloween day

  On Halloween Day, the day after Nancy Nord, the Bush-appointee in charge of the CPSC, told Congress her agency did not need the restored resources voted by Congress, the CPSC made a desparate attempt to recall "Scary Teeth" manufactured in China.  On Halloween Day, the CPSC acknowledged that the "costume" fangs designed as an oral accessory  for children's costumes, contained an unsafe level of lead paint. 

          In earlier blogs we have pointed out the lack of power and resources in the CPSC and the overall ineffectiveness of relying on recalls to remove products from the marketplace:  it has been well documented that recalls frequently remove only a small fraction  of the recalled product from the stream of commerce.  In this case, it is highly unlikely that the product alert issued  on Halloween afternoon accomplished anything to keep our children safe.  The head of the CPSC should be fired over this incident, alone:  she was appointed to the Agency after lawyering for Eastman Kodak and holding office at the United States Chamber of Commerce.  She is another example of the right-wing extremist effort to appoint foxes--no make that weasels--to guard the chicken coop.  In any event, it is certainly clear that "Scary Teeth" from China don't scare Nord; she probably has no children who are of a "trick-or-treating" age.

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