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CVS continues to sell expired drugs and other products reported today yet another example of CVS Caremark Corp., the operator of 7,000 drugstores in the U.S., selling out-of-date products to unwary consumers.  This time, it was the State of Connecticut suing; less than one month after the State of New York settled a similar suit.  The Connecticut Attorney General's public statement detailed an investigation that found more than 20 stores (of 45 visited) in the state selling expired items including over the counter medicines, baby formula, energy drinks, cold and allergy medicines and dairy products.  

New York had previously settled a similar lawsuit against both CVS and RiteAid.  CVS had also previously settled a similar class action suit brought by California's AG.  The Connecticut AG noted that the 2009 investigation found MORE out-of-date products on shelves than were identified in a 2008 investigation--almost twice as many. He also noted that in the case of baby formula, for example, the product loses nutrient value over time, making the sale of expired formula particularly "appalling."

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