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Death of Tyson's child draws attention to danger of treadmills

When Mike Tyson's four-year old daughter died in the boxer's home after becoming entangled in a treadmill, it helped to publicize the potential danger of home exercise equipment.  The New York Times indicated that about 25,000 children are brought to Emergency Rooms each year as a result of injuries suffered on recreational equipment, including burns from contact with the treadmill belt.  An Australian study suggests that friction burns to children account for one percent of all severe burns suffered by kids.  Medical authorities have documented a propensity for children to approach their parents on the treadmill and friction burn injuries so severe that skin grafting is required.  The Australian government, doctors and Consumer Reports recommend that treadmills be unplugged whenever they are not in use and that they be positioned so as to allow parents to detect the approach of children when they are in use.

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