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Designated driver, daughter is not "insured" for Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Kimberly Vaughan bought insurance coverage with her father.  They insured two cars and paid a premium on each, based on their own demographics.  Nevertheless, apparently because dad wrote the check for the first premium, he was the only person listed as the "Named Insured" on the policy.  When Vaughan was hurt by an uninsured motorist, she attempted to collect on the Uninsured Motorist Coverage she and her father had paid for.

Her carrier, 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company, denied that she was entitled to UM coverage.  Although the Vaughans paid for UM coverage on both cars, the insurance premiums were computed using their respective ages and gender as principal drivers, and the "insureds" included "you" and "any family member," Kimberly was denied UM Coverage.  The Vaughans were defeated by the fact that the definition of "family member" in the policy excluded anyone who did not reside in "your household" and "you" was only the Named Insured on the front page.  Since Dad was the only Named Insured, and Kimberly didn't live with him, Kimberly didn't get the coverage they paid for--despite the fact that she was listed as the principal driver on the UM-insured car.  The Court of Appeals panel included Henry Saad, the insurer's best friend, who added to his legacy.

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