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FDA finally concedes it is inadequately funded

  The Bush appointees who currently direct the FDA have finally reversed course and conceded that the FDA is not adequately funded to protect American consumers.

For almost 24 months, the Bush appointees who currently run the Food and Drug Administration have claimed that the FDA didn't need additional resources:  you know, "starve the government beast".  Despite being overwhelmed by unsafe and unregulated food and drugs from overseas, the political hacks have maintained that no additional resources were necessary to assure that food and drug imports are safe.    The commissioner finally acknowledged reality last week when he asked Congress for an additional 275 million dollars to finance safety programs, open foreign offices, upgrade laboratories and tech systems and to hire scientists and inspectors.  Too little, too late--and with tax cuts and Middle East wars draining the Treasury, it is unclear if even this money will be forthcoming.  If it is, as with most of our national expenses over the past eight years, it will probably be borrowed from our childrens' future taxes.

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