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FDA reports that airline food is not safe

This week, according to the USA Today, the Food and Drug Administration released a report documenting the unsafe and unsanitary conditions under which most airline food is prepared.  As if this industry were not unfriendly enough already, it turns out that much of the food distributed by all of the major airliness is prepared at unsafe temperatures by employees who use unclean equipment in unsanitary conditions with inadequate attention to personal hygiene.  The FDA also cited inadequate attention to pest control, with evidence of "cockroaches, flies [and] mice."  Public health sanitarian Roy Costa said "the situation with in-flight catered foods is disturbing, getting worse and now poses a real risk of illness and injury to tens of thousands of airline passengers on a daily basis."  The three major caterers involved in providing food to Delta, American, Untied, US Airways, Continental and others, denied that their kitchens pose a health concern for travelers.  Bring an apple when you board.
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