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Government regulation of safety

         The New York Times reported on December 2 that industry groups are panting after the Bush Administration for special favors in anticipation that a Democratic Presidential administration might end their eight years at the governmental trough.  In particular, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Manufacturing Association, the trucking industry, the National Chicken Council and Poultry and Egg Association, to name just a few, are lining up with their hands (or talons?) out, seeking special favors in the last few months of Bush governance.

        What do they want?  Here is the list the NYT compiled from interviews:  Increasing the maximum limit on hours that truckers may drive under federal regulations; blocking roll-over protection for autos passenger compartment roofs; the ability to dump mining debris into streams; greater limitations on the Family Medical Leave Act; eliminating restrictions on ammonia discharge from food factories; exemption from new pollution-control requirements for coal-burning power plants; and protection for drug manufacturers.  Randel Johnson of the Chamber of Commerce confirmed the obvious:  "We want to get this done before the election..."

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