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Homeowners' claim that bank lied about foreclosure sale dismissed summarily

Banks are "too big to fail" so the government must bail them out.  They are "too big to prosecute," so we don't charge anyone criminally when they acknowledge fraud.  And in Michigan, they get away with small frauds, too.  Donald and Elisa Dreyfus sued Chevy Chase Bank, claiming that they were informed by e-mail from Chevy Chase that the mortgage foreclosure sale on their home would be postponed.  In reliance on that information, they did not seek Chapter 13 relief or an injunction barring the sale.  When the sale went forward, anyway, they sued for relief, since they were no longer eligible for Chapter 13 protection.  The Court dismissed their claim because they could not prove that they really intended to take legal action in bankruptcy. If only banks were held to such a high standard.
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