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If his own doctors don't believe him, "injuries" don't raise a question of fact for jury

Denis Akaazua claimed that he suffered a head injury when he "clunked" heads with a fellow passenger during a car accident. Over the next several months, he visited a variety of physicians and clinics and displayed a consistent pattern of non-cooperation, inconsistent presentation, exaggeration, "abnormal pain behavior," and non-compliance. Ultimately his treaters recommended that he have a psychological evaluation and concluded that he had not auto-related injuries.  Despite this health and treatment history, Akaazua filed suit against his auto insurer, Titan Insurance, seeking no-fault PIP benefits (the court did not identify the benefits sought, but they could included medical expenses, household domestic services or lost wages).

The Court reviewed Akaazua's medical records and dismissed his claim, finding "no objective evidence" of any injury caused by the motor vehicle collision.

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